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Tens Machines in Labor

✨There are many ways to work through labor naturally and this badass device works wonders! (Especially for back labor)

✨Your Doula or Midwife may have one you can use in labor, make sure to ask! ( the hospital mostly likely will not have one)

✨Tens units can be purchased at your local drugs stores and are reasonably priced!

✨TENS applies electrical current to the skin by means of flexible silicone electrodes, placed strategically in pairs and attached to the skin with conducting gel. Small wires connect these electrodes to a pocket-sized, battery-operated stimulator that emits a continuous series of electrical pulses. The patient adjusts the strength of the electrical stimulus and typically reports it to be a comfortable sensation.

✨Researchers generally agree that TENS also stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's naturally-occurring opiates, which further depress pain perception.

✨Two American studies published in the journal Physical Therapy found that TENS offered at least moderate pain relief to four out of five of the women who tried it.

✨Is TENS Safe? Conventional—that is to say, chemical—methods for labor pain relief all carry some degree of risk to mother and baby. TENS appears to be free of any negative effect on either mother or baby.

💥Easing Labor Pain - Andrienne Lieberman pg. 90-97

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