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Your Birth your way

🏡Thinking about home birth?🏡

It’s my preferred place for clients to birth where the pregnancy is progressing along the expected pathway. It’s totally private and intimate and you can decide who is present (or not). The advantages of giving birth at home include:

☑️ being in familiar surroundings where you may feel more relaxed and able to cope

☑️ you don't have to interrupt your labour to go into hospital

☑️ You will not need to leave your other children, if you have any.

☑️ you will not have to be separated from your partner after the birth

☑️ you are more likely to be looked after by a midwife you have got to know during your pregnancy

☑️ you are less likely to have intervention such as forceps or ventouse than women giving birth in hospital.

☑️ You discover the power of your mind and body and require less pain relief.

♥️Leave a comment if home birth is on your birth preference?

📸 Emily Kurtz N.E. Ohio Midwifery

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